If you are involved in survey development or data analysis you might find one of these things useful…

  • SurveyBox Font Set. Putting number-coded response boxes in paper questionnaires can be a pain. These fonts make that aspect of the survey development process much easier and quicker. This zip file contains two fonts along with a very brief instruction manual for installing and using them. Download the zip file (314KB).
  • Thesis Summary. Having trouble sleeping? This synopsis of my PhD research outlines the problem of postal survey noncontact nonresponse and presents a mechanism for reducing the bias it contributes to survey estimates. With a little tweaking, the technique I developed could also be employed in online surveys and to reduce customer database maintenance costs. Moreover, it’s the perfect antidote to chronic insomnia. Download the 19 page PDF document (271KB).
  • Free Guide to Online Surveys.  Just what it says on the box. See the description page for more info.
  • Select My Country Chrome Extension. Automatically selects the country of your choosing in web forms that have an annoyingly long drop-down for doing this.

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